Handpiece – V-ST


Powerful, non-invasive, clinically proven solution with Viora’s V-ST Handpiece without any downtime or pain!

Now you can perform non-invasive skin treatment and achieve superior results! If your clients are looking for a solution to their skin, caused by gravity or aging, the Viora V-ST Handpiece is your answer. Skin treatments with the Viora V-ST Handpiece are clinically proven, safe and painless, with no downtime.
V ST tech spec

The Viora V-ST handpiece is available with all V-Series platforms and Reaction system

V-ST Handpiece has been carefully crafted with the practitioner and patient in mind and includes dedicated features for simple, easy use and fast integration into any setting including:

  • Integrated Contact TEC cooling
  • Hygenic Use Tip
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V-ST Handpiece Advantages:

  • Comfort & Safety: Bi-polar RF ( non-invasive) with Contact cooling (TEC)
  • No downtime
  • No Pain
  • Suitable for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin
  • No need for strict sun avoidance
  • The widest array of treatment indications = higher ROI
  • Non-consumable = best ROI

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