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Mechelle Evans is a trusted and highly sought-after skin care expert and Aesthetician. She is loved by celebrities, executives, fashion designers, youtubers, bloggers and skincare obsessives everywhere


A life-long skin enthusiast, Mechelle has dedicated 20+ years to the art of skin perfection. She is quietly the secret behind Las Vegas’ most flawless faces, expert Aesthetician Mechelle sets herself apart with her results-oriented approach to skin care. Her passion for simple, yet effective solutions has earned her clients’ trust and respect in a town where beauty, health, and wellness standards are high.


Mechelle trained as an Aesthetician under leading dermatologists, eventually going out on her own. She developed a passion for sending clients home with a custom-tailored regimen between visits to maintain that highly sought-after glow. 

Mechelle’s philosophy

Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is an option. Everyone can have great skin with noticeable results, you just have to want it. Radiant skin is not achieved overnight, but with consistency you will see beautiful results.

An appointment with Mechelle is much more than a mere facial-it is a treatment for the skin and the soul. Rather than jumping right into the cleanse, exfoliate, mask, etc. protocol, Mechelle preps her clients starting with a guided breathing exercise that relaxes and soothes the mind and skin for a fully customized facial experience. Mechelle is a firm believer in results which is reflected in the products, services, and her technique. But don’t let her “feel good” approach fool you because the healthy, glowing, radiant skin she delivers is the real deal.