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Handpiece – V-FORM


A complete, non-invasive, clinically proven solution, V-FORM Handpiece is Viora’s leading smart technology, delivering powerful, customizable cellulite reduction treatment without downtime for your patients!

Give your practice the edge over the competition while receiving the highest return on investment possible backed by full clinical training, sales and marketing support.


Integration of Viora’s smart  technologies has taken care of the heavy lifting so you can deliver your patients smoother, firmer skin and timeless curves from treatments that take just minutes to complete!

V FORM tech spec

The Viora V-FORM handpiece is available with all V-Series platforms.

V-FORM Handpiece has been carefully crafted with the practitioner in mind and includes dedicated features for simple, easy use and fast integration into any setting including:
  • Offer a full body solution with interchangeable small, medium and large applicator sizes:
BC applicators
  • Ergonomic grip and multiple trigger points for simple, easy use
V FORM trigger x
  • Keep your eyes on your patient with integrated IR Thermometer
Picture x
V-FORM Handpiece Advantages:
  • Latest Body treatment solution in the market
  • Brings added value to your existing V-Series
  • Low entrance barrier
  • Viora’s Multi-CORE™ Technology

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